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Nutrition and Wellness Program is a Course

Nutrition and Wellness Program

Started Jan 4, 2017

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Full course description

The Nutrition and Wellness Program will review the following elements of nutrition and wellness:

1. New 2015-2020 USDA Dietary Guidelines for Americans
2. New CACFP meal patterns and best practices
3. New Nutrition Facts Food Label
4. The Connection between the Dietary Guidelines and the goals of the CACFP
5. Strategies to improve childcare menus by: increasing fruits, vegetables, whole grain foods, lean protein, and foods high in calcium, and reducing sugar, fat, and sodium
6. Strategies for purchasing, preparing, and offering meals that are low in sugar, fats, saturated fats, and sodium
7. Strategies for shopping for nutritious meals, including smart shopping and menu planning tips
8. Online resources for implementing menu changes and making 
parent/classroom connections

The course consists of nine modules:
Module 1: USDA Dietary Guidelines
Module 2: MyPlate
Module 3: CACFP Meal Patterns
Module 4: Nutrition Facts Label
Module 5: Build a Healthy Plate with Less Sugar
Module 6: Build a Healthy Plate Lower in Fats
Module 7: Build a Healthy Plate with Less Sodium
Module 8: Smart Shopping
Module 9: Resources

All courses are designed specifically for child care centers.  

By completing all nine courses with a score of 80% or above, you will receive:
  CCCCD credit

Computer Requirements:
It is recommended to use a Mac or PC that is no more than five (5) years old.  If you choose to use a mobile device for this program, please keep in mind that some course features will appear differently.  You must have a fast Internet (DSL, cable) connection.  Please make sure your web browser is up-to-date.