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Entomology for the Naturalist On Demand is a Course

Entomology for the Naturalist On Demand

Time limit: 120 days

$200 Enroll

Full course description

“Entomology for the Naturalist” will explore the evolution, natural history, and characteristics of insects and their kin, including the numerous reasons for their incredible success. The course will survey the vast insect diversity, focusing on the groups of insects you will most likely encounter in nature. Common South Carolina species from each group are shown and discussed. Later in the course, we see how these different species interact with one another and the broader ecosystem by investigating insect ecology, covering symbiosis, pollination, and social behavior. Finally, we look at a few interactions insects have with humans, including ways to find and observe the wonderful world of insects on your own.

To view additional information about the course please visit this document.