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MBA CyberSecure Certificate Program - Course 2 is a Course

MBA CyberSecure Certificate Program - Course 2

Started Oct 1, 2017


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The rapid growth of networked devices, interconnectivity, and information sharing in the last five years has exponentially expanded the number of potential opportunities for hackers and other cyber criminals to infiltrate formerly secure business environments. Due to the severity of the problem and the complexity of mitigating cybersecurity threats, it is critical that business professionals develop an intricate understanding of how to approach identifying and managing risk so as to implement appropriate cybersecurity policies within their companies. 

The Clemson University Master of Business Administration Program recognizes this need and will release a three-course cybersecurity certification program in Fall of 2017. This program will expose future business leaders to cybersecurity threats and trends, and guide them through the process of assessing their company's cybersecurity maturity. The contents of each course will include an eBook, engaging videos, interactive practice activities, formal assessments, links to further study, and opportunities to engage with fellow students and industry experts. 

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