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Commercial Modular Construction is a Course

Commercial Modular Construction


$500 Enroll

Full course description

Introduction to Commercial Modular Construction is a professional course developed by Clemson University and the Modular Building Institute. Our goal is to provide you with a deep understanding of the terminology, concepts, and process of commercial modular construction. We will look at the whole process of modular construction including from the establishment of client needs, through design and fabrication, transportation, and installation of the modules. You will be able to differentiate between modular construction vs. off-site construction in terms of scheduling, sustainability, return on investment, logistics, quality, and the roles of key participants. If you are interested in breaking into the modular building industry, this course is an excellent way to jumpstart your career!

The course contains six modules:
  • Principles of Modular Construction
  • Participants of Modular Construction
  • Design Phase
  • Pre-Construction Phase
  • Construction Phase
  • Safety
Each module is composed of a series of lessons, which are composed of presentations, videos, readings/documents, and activities.   

If you are a member of MBI, you can register for $399.  You will need to get the promotional code from MBI, and apply it during enrollment.

If you need assistance during registration, contact Clemson Online at